APRIL 21, 2022, 2:00PM

KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, (Across from Home Hardware)

SPEAKER: I‘m Cindy McGregor, a Resident of Bobcaygeon for 28 years (my husband & in–laws 3

generaons), also the owner of Light Touch Laser Therapy & Wellness.

In April will be celebrang 5 years that we‘ve been at our current locaon––79 Bolton St!

Aer riding the waves, closures and challenges that Covid presented.

My background is a Bachelors Degree in Science––Majoring in Human Anatomy & Medical original path with schooling was a career in Forensics. I worked 2 years in

the Funeral business but found that my real passion was in Therapeuc Science &

Rehabilitaon care planning.

Soon realized that in our community, people were having to travel to Peterborough, Lindsay,

or Orillia for alternate therapies and pain management. I got accepted to take the laser

therapy training and opened a small clinic. At that point it was just me. Today, our team

consists of: 2 Registered Massage Therapists (3rd to join in April), Advanced Foot Care Nurse,

Medical Aesthecian, Osteopath, & Acupuncturist. Our mul–disciplinary team works closely

with each other to ensure our clients get a personalized plan of care to opmize posive