MARCH 17, 2022, 2:00 PM

KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (Across from Home Hardware)

General Meeting 2:00 pm


JESSICA GILSON will be demonstrating how to pot and grow your own herb garden. This will include discussing health benefits of each, care and growing techniques, farm to table options etc.

Jessica is currently in her final semester of university to become a clinical herbalist. Through her clinical practice she has helped and prescribed herbal remedies for ailments and diseases with great success. One day she hopes to open her own practice and offer alternative health care that is accessible to all. Her goal is to empower people with forgotten knowledge about earth's medicine. Her selection would include aesthetic house plants as well as plants and flowers being used for health benefits and culinary practices.

COVID-19 protocols enforced. Proof of vaccination at the door, sign in-name and phone number, wear a mask. Bring you own beverage.


Carol Peters, Secretary